who is the owner of my heart

Are you in love? Do you know who owns your heart? If it’s not your parents, friends or relatives, then the most logical answer would be your partner. Love is a very complex emotion and there are so many factors that play a role in your decision to love someone. From childhood onward we are taught about the importance of love from everyone around us. We see it in movies, read about it in books and hear about it from every single person we come across. But what if that love isn’t real? What if all those people are merely using you to fulfill their own selfish needs? Are you prepared for that reality? When do you let go of the ones who have got a hold of your heart? No matter how much they claim to love you back, sooner or later they will leave because they can never give everything they have while another person can. The same goes for you too; one day soon the owner of your heart will realize that this was just an illusion and walk away without looking back again.

What is real love?

Real love is when you feel content with the person that you are dating. You both know that there’s no way for them to ever be perfect and neither of you is going to change for each other. Real love is accepting each other’s flaws and being supportive in times of need. Real love also means you won’t only be happy, but care about your partner’s happiness too and help them pursue their passions or goals. Your partner will see that they can rely on you even if they are struggling, because they know they have someone who will always be on their side.

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Why do people lose hope in love?

It can be difficult to cope with the feeling of not being in love anymore. You might feel that you have been used and betrayed by someone you once loved for a long time. It is hard to accept that the love you had for them was a lie, but at the same time it is also hard to recover from that pain. There are many reasons why people lose hope in love and start questioning their feelings for someone else. One reason could be because they are not receiving enough attention from the person they once loved. Another reason could be their own insecurities about themselves which makes them feel unworthy of being loved. Now, when the person who loves them loses hope, they either turn around and focus on other things or end up finding someone new to give their heart too.
There are so many different emotions involved in falling in love, but there is one emotion that goes hand-in-hand with this whole mess: sadness. As all relationships go through ups and downs, sometimes we just need a little break before moving forward again. But as soon as we get back from taking a break, we jump into something new without thinking twice about what happened last time around.

6 Signs You’re in Love With Someone Who Isn’t in Love with You

1. They don’t compliment you
If the person your in love with doesn’t complement you on how beautiful you are, how talented or how amazing the things you do, then they probably aren’t in love with you. 2. They don’t want to be around you all the time
If they want to spend a lot of time with their friends or family and not you, then they might not be interested in spending that much time with you either. 3. They don’t make any effort to talk to you
If someone is trying to get away from a conversation with you and is trying to avoid it, then chances are they aren’t really interested in continuing that conversation. 4. They don’t have a life outside of being with them
It may seem like all their life revolves around them and that includes their activities outside of the relationship. 5. They constantly compare themselves to other people in your life
The person who loves you shouldn’t need validation from anyone else; they should already know they’re perfect just because they’re theirs! 6. You feel insecure when they’re not around
When someone feels insecure about something and can’t stop thinking about it, then chances are that person’s mind is very focused on it and if it’s not them, it will most likely be about someone else who could potentially cause them problems rather than themselves.

3 Things People Lose When They Lose Hope in Love

Loss of time, money and energy.
When you lose your hope in love it will be very difficult for you to find someone new. When you have a stable relationship, your life is more organized and structured. This means that with every passing day you spend with that person, your time on earth is getting shorter. You don’t want to waste the time by constantly looking for love again or worrying about what could happen in the future; instead, you want to enjoy the present moment and live your life to the fullest. But don’t worry! There are three things people lose when they lose their hope in love:
1) Time – When someone has their heart set on finding true love they end up wasting a lot of time doing so, which leads them to not living their lives fully because they are constantly looking for that perfect person who doesn’t exist.
2) Money – Some people still think they will find true love no matter how much they try, so they continue spending money on things such as dating apps, vacations and more just because they have hope that one day their search will end successfully.
3) Energy – This is probably one of the most important points. When someone has lost all hope in finding true love he or she may start taking shortcuts in life or even give up entirely because it becomes too exhausting trying to find the right person again and again.


Love is not a feeling that can be defined. It is a process. If you want to know whether or not you are in love with someone, there are certain things you can do to determine whether or not they love you back.

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