who is the god of football

God of Football. Some say he is a fallen angel, the son of the Greek god Zeus and the Norse goddess Nerthus. Many believe in his existence of course, but to what extent? The role of a footballer can be likened to that of a prophet; they are messengers for their teams and for their fans. Their talent is uncanny and their significance cannot be underestimated. They are the God of Football because they represent what football stands for: passion, faith and sacrifice. These three qualities are essential in any sport, but especially in football because it is an unwritten rule to put everything on the line in order to win.
Is it enough then to say that football has a God? We might not understand much about this beautiful game, nor do we know who invented it or why it should be played instead of other sports… But does all this matter when you look at what football can do? It can make people happy – or even happier than before! And with each passing season we see more people playing this game as well as understanding more about its history and culture. It’s undeniable that FIFA has made huge strides over the last two decades in promoting the game around the world while modernising our stadiums at home too. With all these benefits only comes one negative: money! Football is now worth billions thanks to big business interests and commercialisation has become an end-goal itself rather than something that leads us there. So yes, it doesn’t matter if we

Football is worth billions

Football is an economic engine that generates billions of pounds in revenue each year.
The Premier League alone cost the tax-paying public £1.8 billion last season, and it’s estimated that the clubs themselves directly benefit to the tune of £7.5 billion every year.
This is a powerful enough argument to say that football has a God!

It can make people happy

– or even happier than before!
Football provides something for everyone. Football doesn’t discriminate between people and it brings together communities of all backgrounds and ideologies. It is this diversity that helps make football so appealing to the masses.
We as humans are always looking for connection, whether it be with others or with ourselves. Football is a perfect example of this. You see players on the pitch fighting hard in order to win, while their teammates cheer them on from the stands behind them. This atmosphere can be felt by anyone watching – even those without any knowledge of the sport – which is why football will never die!
The reason why football has become so popular is because it gives us a sense of belonging, especially when we are feeling isolated and powerless in our everyday lives. Ultimately, football provides hope and pride straight away as soon as you step onto the pitch; it makes you feel like a part of something bigger than yourself – be that a team or society itself!

Football is worth sacrificing everything for

Football is a game that has been played for centuries, but it was not always the most popular sport. In fact, it took until the beginning of the 20th century for football to become the most popular sport in Europe.
This popularity is almost entirely due to one man: William Christopher “Bill” Shankly. He is credited with creating modern football and he brought this idea from his hometown in Scotland and turned it into an international phenomenon. His efforts led to Liverpool becoming European champions for five times out of six consecutive seasons, which included the famed 5-0 victory over AC Milan in Rome and their first ever European Cup win.
Shankly also managed Manchester United, and introduced many players who went onto become legends, including Bobby Charlton and Denis Law. He also introduced a system known as ‘The Boot Room’ where players learnt their trade before eventually moving on to play professionally or embarking on lucrative careers as managers or coaches.
As you can see, football has indeed been given a God because of its importance to so many people – especially those who live in countries like England where football is religion!

But football can be so much more than just a sport

Football is a beautiful, complex and sometimes difficult game. It can be experienced in so many ways, from watching it on the TV to playing it yourself… Football is not just a sport, it’s an identity. It’s about self-determination and the ability to overcome adversity. It has everything you need for success: passion, dedication, hope and belief! So what do we need to do? Please don’t let football die… let it live on forever!

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Football is worth billions and has the power to make people happy in ways they might not even know. Football is worth sacrificing everything and football can be so much more than just a sport.

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