who is dora’s cousin

Dora is the main character of the series Dora the Explorer. She is a little girl who lives with her parents and an older brother named Diego. They all live in a big city called Adventure City. Dora lives in a large apartment complex, which has many other children like her.
Dora loves exploring different places and meeting new characters. She also loves helping others wherever she goes. Dorge is Dora’s cousin, he comes from a small town called Mushroom Kingdom in the West Side Mountains near the Great Sand Kingdom. Here, there are beautiful forests and hills where mushroom-shaped houses can be found everywhere. Here, everyone knows each other as they grow up together and go to school together too – making it one of the friendliest places in the world!

How old is Dora’s cousin?

Dora’s cousin is around 10-12 years old.

What does Dora’s cousin look like?

Dora’s cousin is a pretty little boy with a short-cropped brown hair. He has a round face, his eyes are blue and he has one large tooth protruding from the top of his mouth. He’s always smiling, which makes it easy to tell that he’s very happy!
Dorge wears a green shirt with mushrooms on it, purple shorts and long purple socks that go up to his knees. His shoes are also purple and have little mushrooms growing out of them!

Where is Dora’s cousin from?

The city of Adventure City in the South American country of Argentina.

Is Dora and her cousin related?

No, Dora’s cousin is not related to Dora. Dora and her cousin are cousins in the sense that they are both human. They are not related by blood.
Dora’s cousin does not have any special powers like Dora.

Does Dora Have a Boyfriend?

Dora is a girl, so she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But her parents are in love and have been married for years.

What’s the name of Dora’s best friend in the series?

The best friend of Dora is named Boots. He is a monkey and lives in the jungle with his friends.

Who is the main villain in the series?

Mother Goose is the main villain in the series.
She is a very mean old lady who has a lot of power. She doesn’t know how to be nice, and sometimes does things that are not nice at all. Mother Goose wakes up every day and tries to find anything she can do to make life hard for everyone else – even if it’s just a little bit!


Dora is a character from the Nickelodeon show, Dora the Explorer. In the first episode of the show, Dora’s parents are taking her to explore a museum when Dora comes across a magical talking backpack named Diego.
Dora starts talking to Diego and asking him questions like, “Who is your cousin?” “What does your cousin look like?” “Where is your cousin from?” and “Is your cousin related to you?” Diego then answers Dora’s questions and Dora’s parents let her keep him as her new best friend.
In the show, Dora is eight years old and Diego is her best friend. At the end of the show, Diego goes back to being a magic backpack and visits Dora whenever needed.
Dora’s cousin is also a character on the show who is a little older than Dora. He is usually seen in the background while Dora talks to Diego. He has brown hair with a big white hat, glasses and a blue shirt with a red tie.
Dora’s cousin’s name is Eduardo, but he goes by his nickname, “Dodo.”

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