who is ash kash

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave the green light for Iran’s military to develop its space program as long as it stays on a defensive footing and has nothing to do with launching satellites or satellites into orbit. Khamenei set that tone in his Friday sermon, when he denounced the U.S. and Israel for their … Read more

who is deku’s dad

Well, like many other people out there, you might have wondered who deku is deku’s dad or why he has a green car. There are several theories revolving around these questions. Some say that he is the son of the king of vahki, and the father of deku is still unknown to him. Others believe … Read more

who is dora’s cousin

Dora is the main character of the series Dora the Explorer. She is a little girl who lives with her parents and an older brother named Diego. They all live in a big city called Adventure City. Dora lives in a large apartment complex, which has many other children like her. Dora loves exploring different … Read more

who is lexi rivera dating

Lexi Rivera is a Venezuelan American woman who is famous for being one half of the YouTube baking duo xtina’s Bakery. As a venezuelan-american she has been able to be on the forefront of social media trends and have her audience connect with her in ways that not many can. She has millions of subscribers … Read more

who is on the nickel

Coin slots are used in public places to allow customers to pay for services or goods with coins instead of cash. Coin slots are also used in vending machines and other automated payment systems, such as automated parking meters. Some automated coin slot systems have been built into electrical switches that open when a set … Read more

who is the best minecraft player

Best Minecraft Player is here to help you in choosing the best minecraft player for your team. Today, we will explore the concepts and criteria used to select the best minecraft players. In a game that has millions of players all around the world, it’s not easy finding out who are the best players. However, … Read more

who is the father of chemistry

The father of modern chemistry is unknown and uncredited. What we do know is that there were several chemists who contributed to the field of chemistry at different times throughout history. The contributions of these chemists have created what is today known as modern chemistry. Many of these contributors have been so important that they … Read more

who is the father of mathematics

The father of mathematics is thought to be Thales of Miletus, who lived from c. 624 to c. 546 BC. He lent his name to the field because he is often considered the first true mathematician and perhaps the first scientist, because he was the first known individual to study abstract mathematical principles and not … Read more

who is the father of science

When one thinks of the greatest names in science, thinkers like Aristotle, Galileo and Newton spring to mind. These individuals are often credited with establishing the scientific method as well as pioneering major discoveries in various fields. Science is not solely about discovering new facts or theories – it’s also about whose name you can … Read more

who is the fattest person in the world

There are many people who have tried to answer this question. The most famous person that has is probably a contestant on the TV show Fat People Against Obesity. Let’s face it, even if you are not overweight, there is always going to be that stigma about it. It’s hard enough for an overweight person … Read more