who is the ua traitor

The Urantia Book is the only publication that offers the full scope of knowledge needed to understand, experience, and apply our infinite universe. One might wonder how a book with such a limited audience could have anything important to say. The answer lies in the equality of readers who are able to grasp certain concepts … Read more

who is the railway minister of india

The Minister of Railways is the head of the Ministry of Railways, and presides over the Indian Railways. The Minister has Cabinet rank in matters relating to Rail transport. The current Railway Minister is Piyush Goyal of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Railway Ministry is created through the merger of Department of Railways and Ministry … Read more

who is the leader of bts

Bang Si-hyuk is the leader of BTS. He is known by his stage name Rap Monster and is commonly referred to as the ‘Savior’ or ‘Leader’ of BTS. As the group’s leader, he manages all activities regarding their music, videos, schedules, interviews, etc. His creative input goes in creating the concepts for their songs. He … Read more

who is the king of kpop

K-pop is one of the most popular music genres right now and it has a lot to thank for that. Thanks to its growing global popularity, k-pop has become a symbol of Korean culture, adding even more value to the country. Korean pop or K-pop or Korean popular music as it’s also known, has been … Read more

who is the god of football

God of Football. Some say he is a fallen angel, the son of the Greek god Zeus and the Norse goddess Nerthus. Many believe in his existence of course, but to what extent? The role of a footballer can be likened to that of a prophet; they are messengers for their teams and for their … Read more

who is the fattest person in the world

There are many people who have tried to answer this question. The most famous person that has is probably a contestant on the TV show Fat People Against Obesity. Let’s face it, even if you are not overweight, there is always going to be that stigma about it. It’s hard enough for an overweight person … Read more

who is the father of science

When one thinks of the greatest names in science, thinkers like Aristotle, Galileo and Newton spring to mind. These individuals are often credited with establishing the scientific method as well as pioneering major discoveries in various fields. Science is not solely about discovering new facts or theories – it’s also about whose name you can … Read more

who is the father of mathematics

The father of mathematics is thought to be Thales of Miletus, who lived from c. 624 to c. 546 BC. He lent his name to the field because he is often considered the first true mathematician and perhaps the first scientist, because he was the first known individual to study abstract mathematical principles and not … Read more

who is the father of chemistry

The father of modern chemistry is unknown and uncredited. What we do know is that there were several chemists who contributed to the field of chemistry at different times throughout history. The contributions of these chemists have created what is today known as modern chemistry. Many of these contributors have been so important that they … Read more

who is the best minecraft player

Best Minecraft Player is here to help you in choosing the best minecraft player for your team. Today, we will explore the concepts and criteria used to select the best minecraft players. In a game that has millions of players all around the world, it’s not easy finding out who are the best players. However, … Read more